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Founded in 1909, having passed through many changes in its institutional framework, up to the advent of the Law n.º 11.892, of 29/12/2008, the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Paraíba is a federal, public and free of charge institution. It is located in the Brazilian northeastern region, the Institute has the mission of promoting teaching, research, extension activities and innovation, making it possible the social inclusion of young people and adults. It offers courses in several levels - basic, technical, graduation and post-graduation. Such courses suit the student´s needs and qualification, according to the different regional realities which the Campuses are inserted. The Campuses are located in twenty-one (21) cities throughout Paraíba state: Areia, Cabedelo, Cabedelo Centro, Campina Grande, Cajazeiras, Catolé do Rocha, Esperança, Guarabira, Itabaiana, Itaporanga,  Monteiro, Patos, Pedras de Fogo, Picuí, Princesa Isabel, Santa Luzia, Santa Rita, Soledade, Sousa and João Pessoa, the capital and the third oldest city of Brazil.   (Read more)

IFPB Highlights

IFPB by the Numbers 2015-19


The IFPB provides the students with 3 (three) programs for technical courses, that promotes the scientific initiative, the basic education at public schools and consolidation, expansion and internationalization of science.

Courses offered 

  • Professional by E-Tec Brazil (distance learning), Youth and Adults Education (EJA/PROEJA)
  • Professional Certification Program on Initial and Continuous Formation (Rede CERTIFIC)
  • Undergraduate courses
  • Post-Graduate Programs (Lato Sensu)
  • Master´s Degree (Stricto Sensu)

Research & Innovation

IFPB gives its students a well rounded education, preparing young scientists, and promoting research possibilities integrated to the regular learning outgoing process as a matter of advising the students to be prepared for the demands of the modern world. It is offered research scholarships for fostering research and development in the Institute. 171 research groups are certified by the National Council for Science and Technology Development - CNPq, on these fields:


The extension dimension, connected to applied research and learning process, is the educational, cultural and scientific process that connects the community, and brings up the needs and demands of the society. An important link that allows the institution to better understand and respond to the community needs. Programs and Projects supported by the Institute represent innovative options, and consolidate the role of the Institute as an instrument (tool) of public policies. IFPB also develops co-operative educational programs, and partnerships with institutions and companies providing students with employment opportunities and specific learning outcomes.