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The Federal Institute of Paraiba - IFPB is a federal agency under the Ministry of Education - MEC. Reference in professional education in the state of Paraiba, Brazil, IFPB has 17 units (Campi) across the state, and other 04 units in the deployment process. The units are managed by the Rectory, which is based in the capital, João Pessoa.

Campi in operation are: Cabedelo, Cabedelo Centro, Cajazeiras, Campina Grande, Catolé do Rocha, Esperança, Guarabira, Itabaiana, Itaporanga, Joao Pessoa, Monteiro, Patos, Picuí, Princesa Isabel, Santa Luzia, Santa Rita and Sousa.

Campi in the implementation process are: Areia, Mangabeira (João Pessoa), Soledade and Pedras de Fogo.

The IFPB offers many classroom courses and distance learning, the modalities integrated into high school, subsequent, higher education and post-graduation. All free.

Our mission

Offering professional , technological and humanistic educationin all the levels and modalities through Education, Research and Extension, with a view to contribute to the training of citizens to work in the labor market and building an inclusive, fair, sustainable and democratic society.


Being an institution of excellence in promoting professional development, technological and humanistic ethical and sustainable manner benefiting society, aligned with regionalities in which it appears.



Basic guiding requirement of institutional actions ;

Human development

Fostering human development, seeking their integration into society through the exercise of citizenship by promoting their welfare;


Searching solutions for the presented demands ;

Quality and Excellence

Promoting continuous improvement of services


Providing mechanisms for monitoring and publicizing the actions of management, approaching community management;


Paying attention to students, servers and the general public;

Social and Environmental Commitment

Participating effectively in social and environmental actions, fulfilling the social role of transforming agent of society and sustainability promoter.

About Rector

Foto do Reitor Nicácio Lopes

Cicero Nicácio do Nascimento Lopes is a Doctor of letters in the area of Brazilian Literature by UFPB. He joined the IFPB as Administrative Technician in João Pessoa in 1993, when he was Federal Technical School, soon after, going to teach the discipline of Portuguese Language. Nicácio has 16 years of experience in academic and administrative management and he has held the Communications Coordinator of and Expression, Chief of Staff of the former General Directorate CEFET-PB, and Managing Director of Campina Grande Campus (2007-2014). Graduated in Full Degree in Literature from the Federal University of Paraíba (1985) and Master degree in Arts from the Federal University of Paraíba (2002). He has experience in Brazilian literature, with emphasis on writing, acting on the following topics: Brazilian literature, chronic, intertextuality, negritude and comparative literature. He has two books of literary chronicles, as published author. In the master, dealing developed research on the literary chronicle genre (Andrade) and doctorate kept the genre, changing the author (Rubem Braga).

International Office Staff

Dr. Mônica Maria Montenegro de Oliveira
Head of the International Office 
Language without Borders Coordinator 
Science without Borders Coordinator

Contact: arinter@ifpb.edu.br / monica.oliveira@ifpb.edu.br


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