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Contribution and Attribution - ARINTER

por Monica Maria Montenegro de Oliveira publicado 20/10/2017 10h56, última modificação 16/08/2018 09h03


Internationalization is one of IFPB´s guidelines. Therefore, Institutional and International Relations Office – ARINTER works to establish relations and manages academic cooperation of agreements with foreign Institutions.

Promoting and maintaining exchanges with Institutions of higher and professional education, in addition to other international organizations, encouraging the development of projects, studies, courses and researches in several areas of knowledge.

Responsible for Institutional formalization of academic agreements of cooperation and exchange that are established between IFPB and Institutions of higher education and research; based in many countries, ARINTER maintains and extends the Institutional policy of exchange inside and outside the country, providing the knowledge of many possibilities of study and work abroad.

Contribution and Attribution

Resolution nº 144-CS -  August 11th, 2017.

Advisory for International Relations

Art. 57. The International Relations Office (ARINTER) is the assistant organ of Rectory with the purpose of promoting relations between IFPB and the Foreign Educational Institutions of countries which Brazil maintains diplomatic relations, through technical cooperation and cultural and scientific exchanges.

Art. 58.  The duties and responsibilities of ARINTER are:

I – To advise the Rectory on issues inherent to policies, guidelines and decision making in international subjects;

II - To assist the Rector and other members of IFPB in missions abroad;

III – To monitor the implementation of agreements, partnerships, cooperation agreements and exchanges between IFPB and Institutions of Education, research and extension of other countries;

IV - To support the reception of missions, delegations and international visits to IFPB;

V – To advise on projects formulation, ion articulation with many IFPB's sectors, to raise funds and to the development of plans studies and projects to be accomplished in foreign Institutions;

VI – To coordinate and supervise the process of application of international proficiency tests applied in IFPB;

VII – To advise the many IFPB's sectors on national and international mobility activities of the Institute.

VIII – To articulate ARINTER's own international actions with the International Affairs Center (NAIS) within the IFPB;

IX – To provide information about IFPB to departaments, institutions and companies based in Brazil and/ or abroad in partnership with the Social Communication of Direction;

X – To advise those interested in processes of removal from the country to missions, exchange and participation in conference and similar or to postgraduate courses.

XI – To implement other activities related to its area of performance.